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Air Ambulance Service for Patient Transfer in Patna and Kolkata

We all hope that we never experience a trauma or medical emergency that requires treatment. Nobody ever thinks they’ll be forced to deal with a critical medical condition that requires extensive medical treatment and care. Although we never want to be in such a circumstance, it is important to be informed about such issues. When patients need medical attention during transfer, the method of shifting involves an ambulance service, but in specific cases, standard medical transfer service is not enough, and you need to use an air ambulance service that helps to save time and life too. Here “Falcon Emergency” is a best medical support air ambulance service provider all around the world.

Here are some basic medical conditions that may need to travel by air ambulance:
  • Patients suffering from respiratory conditions that need ventilators
  • trauma patients
  • patients with neurological conditions that need intracranial monitoring
  • IABP patients that need balloon pumps
  • patients with multiple IV drips
  • transplant patients
  • obstetric patients requiring intensive care
  • NICU patients
Falcon Emeregncy Air Ambulance Service in Delhi and Siliguri7

The patients that need regular medical monitoring by the medical team of Doctor and the use of specialized medical equipment are excellent candidates for transfer by air ambulance services in Patna. There is no plausible way for a patient with severe medical conditions to travel by conventional methods while achieving comfort and appropriate medical care.

When time is of the essence, standard flights would not be speedy enough to transfer the patients to their destination. Also, it is impossible to board a traditional flight with an entire medical team and equipment. For this reason, doctors and patients choose to travel by air ambulance.
Falcon Emergency provides an air ambulance service in Kolkata that may be a helicopter, but it also can include planes such as turboprops and jets.

The type of aircraft used should be determined by the patient's needs, as well as, by the distance traveled. For example, a patient should typically be transported by a jet when they require emergency air ambulance transfer or shifting for a huge distance. This is due to the time traveled, necessary stops to refuel small planes, the patient’s comfort and stress level.

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